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Allient is dedicated to being a dependable partner to industries that are vital to our world. We strive to provide reliable technology that improves outcomes and connects customers to pioneering solutions that simplify processes and enhance products. Our focus will always be you.

Allient’s Brands

Allient (Allied Nexus Technologies) is the parent company of various smaller companies that form a single, cohesive whole. Together, we’re able to provide our customers high-quality integrated systems and custom solutions that accomplish their objectives in motion, controls, and power.

Allient’s motion brands are companies that provide components, systems, and solutions related to movement, like brushless motors and vehicle steering and traction.

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The companies that fall into Allient’s controls brands are responsible for creating the systems, sub-systems, and components that enable the controlled functioning of machine parts, such as Universal Industrial Gateway and PowerFlex® Cards.  

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Our power brands handle innovation in various areas connected to the powering of products and the efficiency of the systems that allow them to function, like line reactors and sine wave filters.

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Industries We Serve

Allient designs, manufactures, and provides products that are essential to the industries we serve. Every application operates with maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Our team is proud to leverage our expertise to provide pivotal technology to critical industries.

Aerospace and Defense

Allient provides numerous solutions for Aerospace and Defense that are designed to meet the high standards for technology in this space while rising to the formidable demands placed on each product.


Automation is an area that requires precision, reliability, and the expertise to deliver both consistently, whether we’re providing servo motors, torque motors, motion controllers and drives, or encoders.


Though it often goes unseen in the inner workings of many everyday products we rely on, the technology Allient provides is critical to our daily lives, from continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines to ATMs.


Allient’s products have numerous industrial applications that job sites, factories, and warehouses depend on, such as welding wire feeders, conduit benders, lift trucks, and robotic stock handlers.


Technology that Allient develops and manufactures can be found throughout healthcare, from precision medical motors, drives, and position feedback products, to surgical robotics and prosthetics.


Whether we’re talking about the small medical pumps in dialysis machines, the fuel pumps in liquefied petroleum gas-powered (LPG) vehicle fleets, or the military cooling pumps used by pilots, Allient’s specialized pump motors can’t be beat.


The sophistication and precision needed for robotics calls for motors and electronics that can serve specialized functions in applications ranging from surgical robots and automated material handling robots to military tactical robots.


Allient’s products and systems serve numerous essential functions focused on vehicles and related applications, such as automated guided vehicle (AGV) traction; all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and automotive steering; on- and off-highway equipment heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC); patient and handicapped transport; military tracking and fire control; and much more.

About Allient

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