POWERING what matters

Power plays a critical role in the majority of modern industries. It’s what turns potential into possible, moving machines and energizing processes that keep the world running optimally. At Allient, our power division is responsible for all that’s connected to ensuring power’s performance and efficiency is maximized in our client’s products and systems.

Industries We Serve

Our power brands specialize in manufacturing products that serve critical roles in a spectrum of industries, including Oil and Gas; Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC); Water/Wastewater; General Industrial; Irrigation and Agriculture; Food and Beverage; and Elevator and Escalator.

Oil and Gas

Allient provides various harmonic and motor protection solutions that maximize energy efficiency and productivity for drilling, pumping, and compressing both oil and gas.


We offer custom solutions tailored to enhancing power quality, reducing energy costs, extending motor life, optimizing performance, and protecting sensitive components of HVAC systems.


Allient supplies equipment designed to improve power protection for water and wastewater treatment equipment, from control panels and motors to variable frequency drives (VFDs), pumps, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

General Industrial

Our team produces numerous products and services that serve valuable functions within countless industrial applications, such as harmonic distortion solutions, high frequency noise solutions, and motor protection solutions.  

Irrigation and Agriculture

Ensuring agricultural companies comply with utility requirements calls for solutions that can lower harmonics, correct power factor, and more while minimizing costs. 

Food and Beverage

For food and beverage facilities to function at their best, specialized solutions that understand their industry and align with their objectives are needed.

Elevator and Escalator

Optimizing the performance and efficiency of elevators and escalators means offering solutions that can protect the power of your building.

Our Featured Products

KMG – Sine Wave Filter

The KMG MotorGuard filter converts the PWM wave form to a near sinusoidal wave form, allowing sensitive applications to take advantage of the efficiencies and savings that PWM output power supplies and drives offer. PQConnect option enables intelligence, connectivity, monitoring and control.

HGP Passive filters with PQConnect

The HGP (HarmonicGuard Passive) filter is a drive applied passive harmonic filter that limits current distortion to less than 5% at low loads and offers true 100kA SCCR. The HGP with PQconnect provides Bluetooth connectivity to monitor power quality and control the filter.

HGA – 5% Active Harmonic Filter

The HarmonicGuard® Active (HGA) filter is an elite system-applied harmonic filter that minimizes harmonics to less than 5% total demand distortion (TDD) at the point of common coupling.

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