Designing Advanced Motion Control Solutions for the Next Generation of Medical Equipment

Allient specializes in the production of design and manufacture of precision medical motors, drives, and position feedback products for medical applications including surgical robotics, prosthetics, and breathing assist devices like respirators and ventilators.

Additionally, Allient provides brush and brushless traction wheel drives, control systems, gear motors, drives, and actuator components designed for use in medical mobility and patient handling equipment.

Brushless Motors for Medical Air Pumps

Air Pumps

High performance brushless motors and drives for Anesthesia, CPAP, Ventilators, and Respirators.

Medical Motors for Cancer Screening & Oncology Treatment Devices

Cancer Screening & Oncology Treatment

Precision motion solutions for cancer and oncology devices.

Motion control solutions for medical fluid pumps

Fluid Pumps

Quiet, reliable brushless motors and drives to power medical pumps.

Miniature BLDC motors to power high-speed, high-torque tools.

Medical Hand Tools

Miniature BLDC motors to power high-speed, high-torque tools.

Precision brushless motors for nano positioning on multi-axis stages.


Precision brushless motors for nano positioning on multi-axis stages.

motors for nuclear imaging systems

Nuclear Imaging

Motors and drives for precision control of imaging equipment.

Medical Furniture & Transport

Medical Furniture & Patient Transport

Precision motion control solutions for hospital beds, exam tables, operating tables, and patient transport.

Prosthetics and Patient Rehabilitation

Prosthetics and Patient Rehabilitation

Control solutions enhance prosthetic dexterity, sensitivity, and touch.

Pipetting Systems

Pipetting Systems

DC motors speeds up blood analysis, ensuring smooth, accurate fluid handling.

Motion controls for wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Wheelchairs & Scooters

Motion control, traction and steering solutions for powered mobility vehicles.

Stair Lifts

Stair Lifts

Motors designed for quiet, safe, and reliable daily use.

Surgical Robots

Surgical Robots

Precision motion control for the world's leading robotic surgery systems.

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